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Science Writer Parent & Teacher Information

Science Writer is an interactive, web-based instructional learning tool designed to help students in writing a complete science report; it supports students throughout the process of writing a science report. Research has revealed several effective instructional practices in improving the written language performance of students, and Science Writer has been designed to provide these:

  • A breakdown of the report writing process into manageable components
  • Scaffolds for each step of the writing process
  • an organizational structure for report writing
  • Sentence starters to help initiate the writing

Science Writer is a technology-based learning environment that can provide plentiful opportunities for practice—a critical element to successful reading or writing strategy instruction. Science Writer enables students to demonstrate their knowledge of science concepts through writing, structures the writing processes as it relates to content-area writing, structures the thought process required for scientific writing, provides opportunities for structured practice and utilizes the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework to meet the needs of a wide range of students. Science Writer's Agent characters, Max, Sam and Eko, provide tailored support. Max and Sam give students a model and the reasoning behind it, and Eko gives students specific hints on how to progress. Additional support and tools are detailed throughout this manual.

  • Speak the current selection
  • Pauses speech playback
  • Stops speech playback
  • Double-click a word in the book and click this icon to see dictionary definitions
  • Double-click a word in the book and click this icon to translate the word into Spanish